What we can offer

We aim to deliver exactly what our customers need and demand. Through our unique grading process and proactive testing for natural diamonds, we offer the following services to our customers and partners:

1. Standardised parcels of diamonds with similar or identical specifications  such as:

Clarity: VVS, VS, SI, I1, I2 and below

Sizes: 0.65 mm to 1.25 mm and above

Cuts: Single Cuts and Full Cuts

Cutting: Excellent, Very Good and Good

Colour: D,E,F,G,H and below

Fluorescence: Strong, No Strong and None

2. In-House checking of diamonds on the D-Check machines to ensure all diamonds delivered are completely natural.

3. Official IGI (International Gemological Institute) sealed and stamped parcels of natural diamonds including the report stating the same.

4. Certified diamonds from laboratories like GIA (Gemological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemological Institute) and HRD. All these diamonds are also inspected carefully to match their reports and our customer’s needs.