How we work

As a service provider, we source trading goods from the market which contains a list of chosen manufacturers or traders who are mostly RJC compliant (Responsible Jewellery Council). All the sourced goods go through a process of grading and authentication.

Our one of a kind grading system uses only microscopes to assort diamonds with the highest level of standardised parcels (each containing diamonds that are of similar or identical specifications).

Each diamond is introspected on basis of Colour, Fluorescence, and are sized in mm basis. Then the diamonds move on to the microscopes for further grading based on clarity, cutting, and level of breakage (if any). This process helps us to create various parcels that contain diamonds which are standardised or similar in every aspect.

At Heerachand Gems, we have in-house D-Check machines that remove any suspicious diamonds which may or may not be natural. This is the first step taken before we process any diamond to ensure we are working with only Natural Diamonds. Apart from this, our company has taken additional steps to get any or all diamonds checked and certified by IGI (International Gemological Institute) for being natural stones with official stamp and seals from the renowned laboratory.